Reader Input: Break cycle of incumbency

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Gary Moffat was an outspoken critic of Measure A, and he stepped up to oppose the two incumbents in the City Council race with the goal of restoring openness and transparency to our local government. He seeks to stop wasteful spending on charter initiatives and frivolous lawsuits and, instead, focus our energy on economic issues that will help fill the vast, empty office and retail space that plagues our community. We simply can’t do it with the $6,000 our council has earmarked for 2012-13.
Gary’s message is simple. Our focus should be to get this city back to business and develop a formal, written economic development plan where none exists today.
He will work to establish a coalition of real estate and banking interests to assemble a database of vacant commercial space. He’ll work with a citizen task force to identify the kinds of businesses we need and will support in Auburn. And, he’ll work to hire a full-time economic development professional to help roll out the program, an unfilled promise dating to Auburn’s 1993 General Plan.
It’s time to break the cycle of incumbency. Unchecked, our five council members will have amassed 52 years of longevity. That’s a prescription for stagnation and lethargy that sends a message to our council that, indeed, they have earned carte blanche.
Please join me in voting for Gary Moffat for the Auburn City Council. He’ll bring the new ideas, creativity and energy necessary to help foster a return to prosperity.
Hank Gonzales, former mayor of Auburn, business owner, Auburn