Reader Input: Dear Auburn: Give back bike

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Dear Auburn: Probably a long shot but wanted to try anyway.
On Monday, Jan. 21, I stopped at the KOA Auburn Gold Country RV Park for one night on my way to Redding. Great park, very clean and being a KOA, I thought, very safe.
And it was, except for the loser that took my ’90s red Cannondale mountain bike (V-fork, 21-speed, dual-suspension, scratched up but good components).
I know, I should have locked it but I did not and paid the price. It really took some guts for someone to come right up to a small camp trailer, in a park and steal a bike.
Yes, I am naive. I live in a very rural area with hardly any crime. Most RV parks are fairly safe but obviously, that is changing.
So, if anyone comes across the bike, you can return it to the Auburn Gold Country RV Park. No questions asked. Again, the park bears no responsibility, they are great. My fault for not locking the bike. Thanks.
Jeffrey Wenger, Bridgeport