Reader Input: Displeased with supervisors’ vote

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On Jan. 27, the Auburn Journal posted a letter from Wayne Nader titled “Supervisors’ move brings concern.”
In fact, this item has already been voted on by the (Placer County) board of supervisors. The ordinance restricting the two at-large planning commission seats to residents of unincorporated Placer County was changed at the Jan. 22 BOS meeting in Lake Tahoe.
During discussion, both (Kirk) Uhler and (Jennifer) Montgomery said that they knew of residents from incorporated cities that would have applied for at-large seats if the restriction were removed.
(Jim) Holmes gave reasons for dissent. Overall, there was very little discussion.
The open-seats application process is to be renoticed and restarted. Here is how the votes broke out:
Motion: Uhler
Second: Montgomery
Ayes Uhler, Montgomery, (Robert) Weygandt, (Jack) Duran (absent)
Opposed: Holmes
Each resident will have to decide how they feel about the vote. This resident of unincorporated Placer County is disappointed and unhappy with the change.
Don Adams, Weimar