Reader Input: Establish center standards first

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Year-round private event centers in rural residential agriculture and farm lands should not be approved until standards are adopted to resolve negative impacts. Neighbors should not be subjected to hundreds of events per year, additional traffic on narrow rural roads and noises from event activities on a constant basis, with enforcement next to impossible.
Applicants claim that private event centers will preserve ag lands by providing additional revenues and that commercial activities are a right. However, there is no requirement for any kind of ag operation. The greater likelihood is that ag and farm lands will be lost and converted to event-only activities.
These private, so-called community centers have no hours-of-operation limits, nor type-of-event restrictions, thus forcing neighbors to contend with constant weekend nuisances and incompatible land-use disturbances.
For almost two years, citizens have asked county officials to enact standards to govern year-round private event centers — to no avail. On Tuesday, the board of supervisors will hear citizens’ appeal of a private event “community center” approval.
Tell your supervisor that no one is opposing events per se, but that reasonable restrictions in residential/ag/farmlands must be established before any event center requests move forward.
Marilyn Jasper, Loomis