Reader Input: Event center approval favors the few

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“Our View” in the March 24 Auburn Journal (“County’s ‘community center’ approval grows concern”) addressed a few citizen concerns about allowing “community centers” in agricultural zoned areas but it didn’t go far enough. I can express a few other concerns. Let us suppose that a county official lives on a parcel in rural Placer County. The official lives there because he (or she) enjoys the peace and quiet of the neighborhood and perhaps he has a few cattle, sheep, chickens and fruit trees. Now four new neighbors move in or decide to change their land use.
(1) Next door to the official a “community center” opens. That generates traffic and noise nearly every day and night of each year.
(2) Across the road a motorcycle and race car speedway is built. That may not be legal but it is there. Traffic and noise are big problems on a few days each year. What happens? Do they get a variance or must the speedway be destroyed?
(3) Next to the speedway, that neighbor opens a big hog farm. That is agricultural so he doesn’t need a zoning variance. It stinks but it may legal.
(4) Next door to the official’s home on the other side a “whore house” begins operating. That is a quiet activity with only one or two cars occasionally.
It is my guess that the “whore house” is the best neighbor. The hog farm is OK because it fits the existing zoning. The other two, the speedway and the event center, are both illegal annoyances to the county official and to many people who live within several miles.
There are many event centers already existing in Placer County that have little or no effect on peace-loving residents.
Do not legalize these speedways, event centers or other disruptions to the citizens of Placer County. Many neighbors will appreciate denial of zone exemptions that favor only a few.
Jack Duncan, Newcastle