Reader Input: Expect taxes to choke a horse

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Our tax-and-spend governor decided our state needs another canal to provide water to L.A. This despite the fact that voters turned down the Peripheral Canal.
Any Peripheral Canal would cause more salt-water intrusion and damage to the Sacramento River Delta and wetlands. The present canal through the Central Valley sits underused because enviro groups and activist courts stopped 85 percent of water delivery to farms and orchards in the Central Valley, causing fields to lie fallow and orchards to be torn out.
But let’s not only build another canal. Moonbeam now wants to build a tunnel through the mountains under the Grapevine highway to get water to L.A.
All this in addition to a high-speed rail that stops in every town; and is to start construction from no major city and end in no major city. A rail line that hasn’t had one foot of right-of-way bought or built, nor has anyone figured out how locals or traffic are going to get over, under or around any such line.
Oh, wait. That’s right! Prop. 30 monies are our salvation! A cure for state debt and schools! Right? While prevaricating politicians continue to drunkenly spend!
If you think our governor has tax-and-spend dementia, just wait until the bills come due from D.C.! Anyone for $6 a gallon gas, food at three times current price and a tax bill that would choke a horse?
Rocky Warren, Colfax