Reader Input: Facts won in ‘readers rumble’

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In what now can be dubbed “The Rumble in the Journal” Gordon “The Ruck” Ainsleigh delivered a decisive KO to John “The Pseudo Intellectual” Sisson’s position (Reader Input, Dec. 30) on gun control and the Second Amendment. John the “Pseudo” as he has demonstrated numerous times before on the Reader Input page, came out throwing his arsenal of factless “left” jabs. Gordon the “Ruck” came out landing devastating fact-laden “right” hooks (Reader Input, Jan. 3) rendering John the “Pseudo” a mere “feckless winger” in the far left corner of the ring.
John was last heard mumbling something about needing to consult with longtime renowned “Journal reader input contributor” left-jab expert extraordinaire, none other then Ron “Nevada City” Lowe to help him regroup.
For Gordon, it appears he has strengthened his position further by the inclusion of Walter F. Drysdale M.D. in his corner (Reader Input, Jan. 4).  Hats off to Gordon and the good doctor for a decisive and fact based fight. Or should I just say “ruck on” guys.
 Rich Maye, Vietnam veteran, Newcastle