Reader Input: Fees will clear park butts

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I just read in the “Comment” section about cigarette butts ("Cigarette butts carpet Auburn park,” Reader Input, Jan. 16).
I don’t know anybody up here that’s a great fan of the Sierra Club.
There are a few things that you can’t do anything about.
1. Stop a smoker from throwing their cigarette butts out of their car window.
2. Stop a smoker from emptying his or her ash tray when they stop at a stop sign. All intersections have piles of cigarette butts on the road.
If the Sierra Club doesn’t like picking up cigarette butts then don’t do it.
Why don’t they put up signs charging people to walk in the parks? Say, for starters, charge $10 for a walk in the park. That will stop them from using the park. That’s what the Sierra Club really wants.