Reader Input: Fine Fox News mouthpiece

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Kristine Bethga, in the Dec. 13, Reader Input section of the Auburn Journal, finds it “offensive” that the president is scheduling a vacation while Americans are still suffering from the effects of Hurricane Sandy (“Obama family should stay put.”)
I would like to know when is it ever a good time for a president to take a vacation? The simple answer is “never.”
Moreover, does anyone really think that a president sits on the beach full-time with a Mai Tai in-hand and watching the sunset? The reality is a Busman’s Holiday where the president’s advisers are constantly with him for handling briefings and the myriad decisions that must be made when he is away from Washington. The work gets done, just not in the same venue that Ms. Bethga would select.
Lastly, the analysis of President Obama’s vacation schedule has begun to rival the fake outrage of the Birther’s laments.
Donald Trump, appearing on Fox News, grumbled that President Obama “... takes more vacations than any human being that I have seen.” The truth is, President Obama is a “vacation piker” compared to his predecessor. George W. Bush spent 1,020 days on vacation, a full one-third of his total days in the presidency. George W. Bush spent in excess of $20 million just on flights to his ranch in Crawford, TX.
This is just a tad more than President Obama has logged to date or will likely log in the future. And where was Ms. Bethga wringing her hands and lampooning George W.’s extravagance? Ooooops! Just forgot. Fox does not publish those stats.
Alan Shuttleworth, Colfax