Reader Input: Foreign aid feeds fat cats

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Foreign aid benefits other countries at the expense of Americans?
You actually think our officials, bought off by the corporate rich who screw us at home, somehow have a soft heart for foreigners?
Get a clue: The biggest recipients of our aid are Israel and Egypt, clearly not developing nations. The aid is mostly American-made weapons, thus padding the accounts of multibillionaire defense contractors.
It buys U.S. influence in the Middle East, benefiting the multibillionaire oil industry.
Billions go to “fight diseases” like AIDS in Africa. The recipients are the multibillionaire U.S. pharmaceutical giants.
Other billions go to fight the Latin American “drug war.” The recipients are paramilitary/-surveillance peddlers (like drone manufacturers) and U.S. banks profiting from foreign loans and money laundering for these very same drug-fueled economies we supposedly clean up. The perfect racket: Some token drugs get seized, a drug lord gets popped, but the drug business (thus the need for aid) thrives.
Additional billions help foreigners locate oil reserves. Guess who benefits?
The less fortunate remain impoverished here and abroad because all welfare is designed to benefit the rich, be it foreign aid, food stamps that subsidize the billionaire food industry, Medicare for the billionaire medical industry, or welfare checks destined for PG&E and the real estate industry.
Jim Beall Sr., Loomis