Reader input: Give care switch a closer look

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Richard Knecht flashed a startling statistic on the screen during his recent presentation to the Auburn Area Democratic Club : “Seventy percent of the people in prison come from the foster care system.”
I have met many of them in prison. They call themselves “state-raised boys.” Switching the care of transitioning youth to the County Office of Education (Journal, April 16) may be a terrible idea — 230 foster youth may not be that many but if a high percentage of them are headed to prison that is an unmitigated tragedy.
I totally agree with Placer County Supervisors Jim Holmes and Kirk Uhler that this matter needs to soon be on the supervisors’ agenda to have a conversation about whether this is really an expansion and enhancement of services or bureaucracy building.
Will PCOE put a full-time person with vision in charge of the program? How will the program be enhanced and expanded?
All the commentators said that Unity Care is doing a great job. Unless there a good answers I would say that if it ain’t broke don’t fix it.
Paul W. Comiskey, Newcastle