Reader Input: Give me the news, all of it!

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I was encouraged to subscribe to the Auburn Journal when they offered me a year’s subscription for an unbelievable $20. It took years as a subscriber to the (Sacramento) Bee to realize that they were delivering their filtered version of the news. It verged on propaganda. Someone once said, it’s not what they report, but what they don’t report that’s important. Needless to say, I wouldn’t take the Bee now if they paid me.
I want to read a newspaper for the unfiltered news of the day, not their version. I just want the news, all of it! They can leave their elitist views in the editorial rooms.
Back to the Journal. I’m two weeks into the subscription and I have been subjected to two banner headlines promoting amnesty and an editorial today favoring homosexual marriage. Déjà vu, the Bee lives in the Auburn Journal. Is it even worth $20? That’s 6 cents a copy delivered! I’m wondering.
Don Stewart, Lincoln