Reader Input: God did bless America

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Thanks must be extended to Dean Foman (“Sobering what America let slip away,” Reader Input, Nov. 11) for addressing the nobility of (Mitt) Romney’s sacrifice to our country, a concept which somehow escaped the notice (or believability) of the millions of voters who repudiated everything he and the Republican Party stood for.

I must point out, however, that this candidate who stood for nothing never built a business, and posing with his huge extended family is a politically necessary photo-op. Comparing him to Lincoln is an exercise in silliness.

Foman failed to enumerate the blessings Romney, (Paul) Ryan and the Republican establishment promised to bestow on our republic: gays back in the closet, emergency room as health care, women under the thumb of men, abortion criminalized, contraception outlawed, privatization of education, fewer teachers, legitimized voter suppression, the rich paying no taxes, the poor paying more taxes, the largest war machine in the history of the world expanded further, elimination of unions, lower wages, child labor, etc., etc., — all promised by this “virtuous character to lead us back to economic and moral prosperity.”

His repudiation is God blessing America.

Ed Scotten, Colfax