Reader Input: Goodbye cable television bills

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Two weeks ago my daughter, Shaunte Younan, called from her home in Apple Valley, and told me about this machine.
It’s a box (about the size of a man’s wallet), that connects with your Internet and gives you instant access to hundreds of cable channels on your TV. And even more shocking, once you’ve purchased it you are all set. There is no monthly bill.
When my daughter first told me about it, I was fairly certain that it must be a “scam” and when she told me she was going to purchase one I couldn’t help but think she would be disappointed. I was wrong.
She was thrilled with it and today, after hooking up my own machine, I understand why.
This “little sucker” is unbelievable. Not only can you get news channels from every major city, but you’ll also get 20-30 channels each, for things like sports, comedy, spiritual, cooking, classic movies and crime shows plus Netflix, Disney, etc.
The list is endless.
If you’re like me and you cannot afford $100 cable bills anymore, please check this out. You will love it!
Christina M. Bethea, Colfax