Reader Input: GOP promotes a better plan

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Re: “GOP issues a new ‘fiscal cliff’ offer to Obama,” Journal, Dec. 4:
I feel as if the GOP’s and the Democrats have been arguing forever about the fiscal cliff. In my personal opinion, the GOP’s plan to raise taxes by $800 billion over the next generation of taxpayers, like me, is a much better plan than Obama’s plan to raise taxes by $1.2 trillion over the same generation of taxpayers.
I feel like it is a better plan because it will be easier to pay that off than $1.2 trillion. Also, in Obama’s plan it will only tax the wealthy. That means business owners, who I believe help America out. In the GOP’s plan, it will tax all, business owners, middle-class families, and yes, those “greedy,” successful, rich people, but yet keeping the Bush era tax cuts going.
HOPE FOX, student, Auburn