Reader Input: Gun control allows genocide

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There is much in the news today regarding the different shootings that have taken place and the number of children that have been killed.
Nothing has been brought out regarding the 1946 Athens,  Tenn. need for weapons to rid the county of their corrupt and dishonest government officials. Check it out on the Internet.
It might be wise for all to note that since 1915 officials of governments that have “gone bad” have murdered at least 56 million persons, many of them children.
Gun control clears the way for genocide by giving these governments far greater freedom to commit mass murder.
Check the number of countries that have fallen to communism after guns were taken from the citizens. Maybe assault weapons are not needed, but if our government were ever to become one of those that have “gone bad,” would we be able to protect our freedoms, perhaps with the military being government-controlled, shooting at us?
National Guard units obey the governor of each state as the U.S. military obeys the president.
There are probably dozens of you who will want to rile against me in articles but the facts speak for themselves.