Reader Input: Health system bankrupts

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For those of you who shudder at the word “socialism” when it comes to health care: How are you with the word, “bankruptcy,” unique to capitalism?
The American health care “system” fails to serve all citizens and is inefficient compared with other advanced nations. It is responsible for over 60 percent of our bankruptcies.
Mind you, most victims are not flakes but hardworking, home-owning, insured citizens who had the misfortune of getting struck by medical problems that their insurance would not cover, limited out on, or whose exorbitant co-pays left them homeless, broke, or worse.
It is revealing that foreign practitioners flock here to cash in on higher salaries while American citizens flee to Canada and Mexico for medications and services.
Solution: Expand Medicare to cover all with no co-pays. Some practitioners shy away from Medicare because it puts controls on exorbitant costs. All the more reason to expand it before the whole country and our businesses become bankrupt from the financial burden of fee and premium increases that continually outstrip normal economic growth rates.
If you’re worried about the cost in taxes, you should complain about the fattest budget in human history, financing a vastly socialistic organization, the U.S. military.
Jim Beall, Sr., Loomis