Reader Input: How do our kids cope with tragedy?

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How do our kids cope when something in their lives happens that should never have happened?
We all go through our lives working hard every day and living it to our fullest, never thinking of tragedies that would change us. What kind of society do we live in where kids murder other kids?  
Such a tragedy as the murder of my son’s good friend, Matt Steele, has altered our lives, as well as many others, in a way that no one quite understands how to cope with.
My son, Jaron Launer, became friends with Matt when they were in the seventh grade and graduated together in their 12th with so much excitement. They made a video with a few other classmates in their senior English class, based on the famous Shakespeare play, “Macbeth.”
Following the guidelines of the assignment, they of course put their own twist on it. It seems like yesterday as I remember the fun they had making it at our house. It was a production filled with props and costume changes.
Matt had so much laughter and enthusiasm instilled into the video, just as he did each and every time he was at our house. The video is still on YouTube and brings happy memories to Jaron.
Playing the guitar brought Matt much happiness and was awe-inspiring to me as he had quite a lot of talent. I catch a glimpse of my son mourning quietly by himself as we all are. How do our kids cope with such a tragedy that should never have happened? God bless you, Matt.