Reader Input: Leave churches tax-exempt

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In response to “Tax churches like businesses,” (Reader Input, Jan. 27): Mr. (Tom) Cavallero writes the Catholic Church has reversed its position on birth control and decided a fetus is not a person. Birth control and whether a fetus is a person are separate issues.
I had a vasectomy, so what does that have to do with a fetus being a person? Because the Catholic Church cites state law in their defense may or may not make the Catholic Church hypocrites, after all it is the Colorado state law on their side. If one is a hypocrite then we must tax him because that will straighten things out?
Of course the Catholic Church is about the bottom line. So are secular nonprofits. These were the main points why Mr. Cavallero wants all churches taxed.
Churches have been the cause of many wars. They have done some horrible things and there will be churches (organized religion) that will continue do bad things in the future.
Churches also contribute and help many, many people without asking for any repayment or commitment. I would not support taxation of our churches. The only point I can conclude is Mr. Cavallero wants to balance the U.S. budget by taxing non-profit churches, or he feels taxes are his weapon to further his own hatred and bias.
Albert Burn, Auburn