Reader Input: Letter begs for correction

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Elizabeth Armando’s letter to the editor printed Jan. 18, “New city hall attitude lacking,” about Colfax City staff and Colfax City Council, begs for correction and response.
Armando writes that the city participated in a “secret vote”; really the issue was a closed session item which is allowed and to claim otherwise is to incite unnecessary distrust. Armando knows the process; she served on council previously.
She also claims: “I know what occurred because the action and vote were reported when the council reconvened in open session.” The implication is that Armando attended the meeting. She did not; I was at the meeting and she was not there.  In the last six years, she has attended perhaps four council meetings.
Finally, Armando states that the delinquent sewer charges are in “dispute.” Hardly. Sierra Vista Community Center sued the city last spring, using Bianchini funds to do so. The court found that the center owes the money.
The only “dispute” is that the center does not want to pay what they rightfully owe the city. To claim the money is in dispute is a gross misrepresentation of the events.
Suzanne Roberts, Colfax