Reader Input: Letter writer’s qualities not trainable

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As a long-time reader of the Auburn Journal, I was delighted to read the front-page story about “Placer High School grad’s ‘best cover letter ever’  an Internet sensation,” (Jan. 17).
What a great local and positive human interest story. In these days of economic difficulty and unemployment problems, this article addresses some creative ways of gaining experience and becoming employable.
Matt (Ross) shows a willingness to do what it takes (getting coffee!), being honest, upfront (“no inflated credentials or experience”) and obviously shows humor and intelligence.
His GPA shows his hard work and commitment ... excellent example to the young and the older that are looking for work.
You see, Matt has qualities that are not trainable.
According to college and career readiness experts, these are the top 10 skills and qualities that employers are looking for today:
1. communication skills (verbal and written);
2. honesty and integrity
3. teamwork skills
4. interpersonal skills (relating well to others)
5. motivation and initiative
6. strong work ethic
7. analytical skills
8. flexibility and adaptability
9. computer skills
10. self-confidence.
In Matt’s short “best-ever cover letter” he exhibits all of these attributes.
Back to the front page of the Auburn Journal — how about One A Day — a local and positive human interest story! It would do us all some good.
Bobbi Jo Forsyth, Auburn, career adviser, Colfax High School