Reader Input: Lyme disease article a comfort

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Thank you so much for your Jan. 8 article on Lyme Disease. I have the same story as many chronic Lyme disease patients do. The amount of suffering that this little bug can cause is simply unimaginable. Everything in my life was effected by this illness.
I feel validated by reading this article on the front page. I, too, wonder how many people are needlessly suffering because they don’t know they have Lyme disease. I also have at least two co-infections that are tickborne.
Animal Planet (TV channel) recently did a show on one of them — Babesia. It is wicked and can be deadly. The Poughkeepsie Journal in New York has done amazing articles on Lyme disease.
I hope you continue with this topic and are able to help so many residents in the area. I am not an Auburn Journal subscriber, but I soon will be because of this article.
Colette Dodd, Foresthill