Reader Input: Measure B provides answers

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The recent mailer our family received on behalf of the three challengers Ms. (Joni) Elder, Mr. (Jimmie) Jordan and Mr. (Dave) Ward for seats on the Newcastle Fire Protection District board is missing a critical point. The mailer is all about the fire station, where to build, what to build and how to pay for it.
Their campaign signs are clustered around the larger sign that reads “Build the station, end the tax.” Missing in the mailer is any mention of our firefighters.
Measure B, passed by a convincing majority of voters, is about a fire station and the men and women without whom we have no protection. Measure B includes funding a fair salary and modest benefits for firefighters.
Searching for grants to help increase revenues will not provide a steady funding stream that can be used for a stable, trained work force. Measure B is the answer for the NFPD and candidates for the board need to work with that.
Measure K to reduce revenues will not serve our district well. Before voting on Tuesday, please keep our firefighters uppermost in your minds and select board members who will honor Measure B.
Reni Smith, Auburn