Reader Input: Obama not her president

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I am not to call him a “jackass” or her a “mule” because people are complaining. So, I will call him mister. He is not my president.
Since he has been in office our country has gone to hell. If people want to live in America they should show respect and learn to speak English. We are the United States of America.
Mr. Obama has done nothing for our country. He looks at you and appears to agree with you and turns around and does the opposite. I have never seen him put his hand over his heart when saying the “Pledge of Allegiance.”
Mrs. Obama has nothing to say good of Americans. She made a comment the only reason she like us is because her husband is president. She hates anyone who is not black; she hates our military and looks at the Secret Service as her servants. She complains about obese people, she feels people should eat properly. She should mind her own business.
People like the president, governors, congressmen, senators and who we vote for should honor their oath of office and defend our United States Constitution. It seems to me all they think about is making their salaries higher and spending all our money.
They should figure out a way to help our veterans, their families, our hospitalized vets and our homeless instead of building more prisons and other buildings. It’s also about time they change to the death penalty. Think of all those sitting in death row. We are paying for their keep.
They’re flying all over, over and over; no wonder price of gasoline is going up.
(Barbara) Boxer and (Dianne) Feinstein want us to vote for Agenda 21, a vote against the U.S. Constitution and against the people who voted for them.
We are a wonderful country, so please don’t let us become the United Nations. We don’t want our country to be like Nazi Germany and have the government telling us what to do.
All I can say is “God bless America.”