Reader Input: Papers should include kids

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Have you ever listened to the children of your family whining and asking over and over what they can do? A response you may have is to say to go sit and read the newspaper. Well, for us kids, the only thing that we are likely to look at is the comics section. 
However, since this section is meant for adults to understand, we quickly get bored of it and continue to ask what we can do now. This is why the employees of Auburn Journal should consider adding a children’s section to the newspaper.
Aside from preventing all of the whining, there are many other reasons why a kid’s section should be added. There could be a fact of the day in the section for education, or a crossword written at a level children should be able to solve. Added as well it would be a wonderful idea to add comics just for kids!
I would recommend calling this section Kids Comer or Section of Fun, and the name chosen, I think will be a success. This is an opportunity for children to work together on puzzles, instead of just playing their gadgets. If you were able to create the kids section, I believe the children of Auburn would love it and be more likely to read the rest of the paper when they get older.
FINN THOMAS, student, Auburn