Reader Input: Pass the missile launchers

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I firmly believe in the Second Amendment. I own a handgun.
However, I seriously doubt that the crafters of the Second Amendment could fathom the idea of assault weapons and their killing power. I’m sure our forefathers are rolling over in their graves, as they hear about 26 children and adults being sprayed with bullets.
Or perhaps we should follow the NRA’s “Wild West” approach and carry sidearms when we go to church, go to movies, or go grocery shopping! Over 40 percent of all gun sales never receive any background check.
At a minimum, we need to have universal background checks for criminals and the insane. Surely, this is a reasonable approach!
In addition, the argument of an “armed militia” does not hold water. If the Second Amendment intended for us to be equally as armed as our government, then we need to allow for the sale of tanks, drones and nuclear weapons. “A missile launcher in every backyard” — really?
The U.S. has the “distinction” of having over 300 million guns and 20 times the gun homicide rate of any other developed country. Hmmm?
Most police organizations across this country support additional restrictions on guns.
My bet is with them.
Tom Thompson, Meadow Vista