Reader Input: Precious is the fun and the friendship

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On Dec. 21, I retired from a long tenure of teaching senior health and fitness for the Placer Adult School. During this time, my career choice enabled me to meet some incredible people and make some lifelong friends both from the community and within the school district itself.
These very people hosted a party in my honor on the day of my retirement.
It is with a glad and loving heart that I wish to express my gratitude for all these efforts that were bestowed upon me. The food, the decorations and the gifts were outstanding. I cannot thank you enough. However, my words can never fully convey what I truly feel for you not only for this most wonderful send-off, but, also for all the time we spent together over the years having fun and getting healthy at the same time. Never a day went by without laughter and joy in our classes. This was your ultimate gift to me and I will miss it.
The seniors of Placer County are an inspiration and an asset to this county. My last advice to you is this: Never give up on the quest for health and happiness. And don’t forget to breathe!
KATHY KAPLAN, retired educator for Placer Adult School, Auburn