Reader Input: Preserve, don’t re-win freedoms

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Mr. (John) Sisson’s comments and a good feeling should no longer be justification for violation of our Bill of Rights (“Sale restrictions our best option,” Reader Input, Jan. 11). Education is still needed.
1. The NRA focuses on the federal government because before incorporation of the Second Amendment, that amendment was a prohibition only against the federal government.
2. Registration can be considered violation of our Fourth Amendment rights.
The NRA has always backed instant background checks. Congress has outlawed using these checks as a back door to firearms registration. The states can register if it does not conflict with an incorporated right.
3. You cannot purchase explosive-containing projectiles. Black Talon is only one of the classes of controlled expansion bullets available. The same lethality and destruction can be achieved by larger caliber and softer pointed ammunition pushed at a higher velocity. “Safety” frangible bullets can do a lot of destruction to flesh.
4. Lack of incorporation of the Bill of Rights allowed the disarmament, disenfranchisement, and murders of minorities via the U.S. v. Cruikshank SCOTUS decision of 1876.
Political and other considerations allowed the court to rationalize that the citizen majority of a state knew what is best for their state and were free to act accordingly, if state law doesn’t specifically disallow it. The Dred Scott decision was thus confirmed and amplified.
Aren’t the results of this another example of how much more costly it is to recover our freedoms than it is to fight to preserve them?
Also, majority rule is not always the best and our Constitution protects us from such devious/unreasonable acts. Do you think the disarmament of Eastern Europe after WWII was done to prevent nongovernmental violence?
5. The liberalization of concealed carry laws has disproven the “wild west” image the uninformed have tried to perpetuate.
6. Where are the tears for the thousands of children shot, gassed, starved to death in the past? Such acts were facilitated by disarmament and ignoring property rights.
Do we really dare to risk this for ourselves or future generations? Some obviously believe or are convinced to believe this cannot happen here and are willing to ignore our and world history and human nature.
Walter F. Drysdale, M.D., Auburn