Reader Input: Preserve our agriculture and open spaces

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I do not know where Randall Cleveland (Feb. 15 Reader Input) gets his information, but his inaccurate tirade on “Community Centers” is way off the mark. While I am disappointed in the misnomer “Community Center” and would much prefer “Event Center”, I believe there is a place in our communities for such centers. I have attended numerous meetings, Ag Commission, MACs etc. and have found numerous restrictions and conditions attached to their approval. I have yet to see one approval for “365 days per year, with no limits for hours or types of events” as Mr. Randall claims. If Placer County is to maintain a viable agricultural presence, we must provide the necessary means for those owners of open space to make a profit. The alternative is sell the farmlands and build subdivisions. I suggest we eliminate the alarmist rhetoric and work to preserve agriculture and our open spaces.
Tommie Carol Mobley, Foresthill