Reader Input: Punish starter of Robbers Fire

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Open letter to: Hon. Judge Colleen Nichols, Placer County Superior Court; Mr. R. Scott Owens, Placer County District Attorney, Hon. Jim Holmes, Placer County 3rd District Supervisor:
FACT: Bryon Craig Mason, 28, admitted use of illegal fireworks that caused the 2012 Robbers Fire.
FACT: Use of illegal fireworks is against the law.
FACT: Unintended consequences can happen, but don’t change the results.
FACT: Bryon Craig Mason is an adult and should be held accountable for his action.
JUSTICE: Prosecute him for the use of illegal fireworks and assess him with the costs associated with fighting this 2,630 acre fire, and costs to care for the injured firefighter.
BASIS FOR JUSTICE: The law. And common sense.
Ronald B. Saladino, Orangevale