Reader Input: Raley’s a class act

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The love of money is the root of all evil.

The power and purpose of a union can be good. But the greed and corruption within it can destroy the benefits from it.

The same applies to our government. It is amazing that individually and corporately we can affect the well-being of an individual and a nation. (Look to) the ripple effect of good and evil after the strike against Raley’s. Search for the truth out of the lies spoken and printed, as comparing Raley’s with Safeway and Save-Mart is like comparing a shelled peanut with a watermelon.

As for size and scope, the Raley’s company and stores have set the standards for quality and service for all grocery outlets — a class act of honesty and integrity. In their commitment to God, he has blessed them. The Raley’s have shared these blessings with the employees of Raley’s family. The customers who shop there are blessed.

In the nature of man without God could be called greed. In the field of politics, nothing has changed, only the wording. In the ’30s (it was) called “slopping the hogs,” today (it’s) called “the fox guarding the hen house.”

Think about it; who are you? Nothing is for free. Jesus Christ paid the price for all souls. As to your entitlement may you come to know them in Jesus Christ.