Reader Input: Start the graffiti abatement early

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What can we do to prevent graffiti?
I have been hearing about preventing graffiti at schools in the newspaper lately and I think “good for them.” Now if they would focus on the community’s problem of graffiti.
I mean, seriously, when I go to Rail Head under the bridge, everywhere I look there is graffiti. And if you really look, you can see a lot of graffiti, though it may be small.
Also, an interesting thing is a lot of the graffiti is the same pictures, a zombie, and you have to wonder, “Is this someone’s logo or something?”
From my personal experience, I can see we have a lot of future graffiti artists in my school of E.V. Cain. I believe that if we teach the young graffiti artists it is wrong, we can stop it from happening in the future because we will eventually train it out of our community and make Auburn a cleaner place to live and a safer place for the little ones.
TIMOTHY THEIS, student, Auburn