Reader Input: Students benefit by learning of beliefs

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Imagine my surprise and happiness to see that the leaders of Alta Vista Charter School are allowing students to learn about all belief systems during this winter season (“Schools vary on holiday approach,” Journal, Dec. 7.

I am not a Jew but if I were, I would like my children to be taught about the beliefs of their friends and for other children to learn about my beliefs.

All too often schools err on separation of church and state, meaning that no belief systems are allowed to be discussed at all. Wouldn’t it be better for our children to learn what their friends believe?

Wouldn’t that be a better way to bring society together, to promote understanding and stop prejudices and bullying?

According to the ACLU: “Students may be taught about religion, but public schools may not teach religion.”

I would much rather have my children in a school that has the freedom to learn about other religions than to erroneously be told that students cannot be taught about religion at all. I applaud Patty Leftridge and her open-minded views on this subject.

To all my Auburn neighbors, I would like to say: Happy Holidays, Happy Hanukkah, Happy Kwanzaa and Merry Christmas.

Nancie Goodnough, Auburn