Reader Input: Vital to clarify ‘event centers’

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Proposals for year-round commercial “event centers” jeopardize agricultural land preservation and create unacceptable impacts, including traffic on narrow country roads and noise.

Because Placer County has no codified parameters for these for-profit, private “event centers,” they are lumped into the same category as the traditional, nonprofit or government owned “community center” designations, such as grange halls, veteran centers and other venues located throughout rural areas which citizens may rent for nominal fees.

Three current “community center” proposals claim that their commercial event centers will help preserve Placer County agricultural lands via additional income from events and tourism.

What proponents are ignoring is that the entitlement does not require any viable ag operation. A vineyard today may become a parking lot tomorrow; today’s orchards may be tomorrow’s wedding or dance halls.

Thus, even though the Res/Ag or Farm zoning remains, the “community center” designation allows the land use to change solely to year-round commercial party centers, converting ag production to event production.

County supervisors are urged to (1) impose a “stay” or “suspension” of all so-called “community center” approvals until meaningful definitions and guidelines can be established, and (2) create a stakeholder task force to help resolve the issues.

Marilyn Jasper, Loomis