Reader input: Vote Yes on 37

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I was glad to see the “Other Views” article about the many out of state donors to CA propositions. However they left one very important issue out: Prop 37. Monsanto, Coca Cola, PepsiCo, Smuckers, Safeway, General Mills, Kraft and Kellogs are pumping millions into negative (and false) TV ads to defeat it. GMOed plants have already killed people and caused illnesses in other countries and the pesticides GMOed into plants in the U.S. are killing millions of bees, butterflies, lady bugs, as well as any bad bugs. Of course, those pesticides in our food won’t hurt us!? While spending those millions to defeat it, they say the labeling will raise the cost of food? It will simply make them add a few words to their labels so we’ll have a choice as to what we want to eat. VOTE YES on PROP 37!

Marcia Winborne-Graven, Lake of the Pines