Reader Input: Who are they?

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Please tell me just who are they

To tell us what to think and say

Who move Christmas to Thanksgiving Day

Their philosophy is clear and clean

The better life is clearly seen

If you just buy a bigger screen

Electronic gizmos, that’s the ticket

Distract and lull and even lickit

No need to gripe or ever picket

Yet some folks still feel outta step

They’re not cool or even hep

Perhaps they need some extra pep

So they’ve got drugs to make skies blue

Push the latest improved and new

Ask Doc if it’s right for you

And they’ve got alternatives that really work

Yet feed us oil ’till air is murk

Claim climate craze is just a quirk

They keep on spending tons on guns

For health and schools they lack the funds

Too bad, grampses, daughters, and sons

But if folks don’t drag a foot or two

I’ve heard it said, I think it’s true

Accomplices are guilty too

So who are they? Far’s I can see

(Keep this just ’tween you and me)

We are they and they are we

Jim Beall, Sr., Loomis