Reader Input: Writer revels in misinformation

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Re: Jim Beall Sr.’s letter on Sunday (“A special ‘thanks’ to Fox News,” Reader Input, May 5) concerning me, proves my points. Besmirching selective companies with no facts! His comment regarding life span and Social Security “by simply killing everyone off earlier” is outlandish. Very sad indeed, again false vitriol.
His remarks about the tea party also prove my points. They are incorrect. Tea party tenets are fiscal responsibility, constitutionally limited government and free markets. If Jim has had four businesses, he benefitted from a free market system.
His views appear to be a form of propaganda and misinformation. Usually the source is from the progressive left socialist websites, a very destructive ideology responsible throughout history for tens of millions of deaths and human suffering. Yet he wants to suggest corporations and conservatives or moderates are evil? Perhaps Mr. Beall simply doesn’t have real facts to provide a more insightful and correct perception?
I am disgusted with many people who act so self-righteous and want to blame conservatives, moderates and even some liberals because they don’t agree with them. They just don’t seem to care about our country; they simply care about their false ideology acting like it is nirvana. They act like they are the ones who care about the poor. This is nonsense! We care about the country’s financial health since when it begins to fail the poor suffer more.
They believe government is the solution? Our health care is getting worse, our education system is failing and our country is going bankrupt. Wake up, America!
Jack Smithart, Auburn