Reader misses Monday Journal

Reader Input
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Why did the Auburn Journal cancel the Monday newspaper? They should not have canceled it because many of us use the newspaper for information about the community and everyone in the community. Another important piece is the weather; it is important for many of us to know what to wear and bring an umbrella or not. The newspaper is a good tool if you are traveling and the news isn?t on for you to check the weather on where you are going. It is also a good tool for seeing what is going on in other countries. There might be a debate about something you might need to know about, politics, a new law, etc. The military is in other countries and you might know someone who is in it. People can read about what is going on all over. The newspaper also has sports in the community. A friend or relative may be in the newspaper with their sports team. Most people like sports and find out about that sport in the newspaper. Someone may have lost their pet and another person may have found the pet. The classified items are also sold in the newspaper and might not be sold as fast without the newspaper. Coupons are in the newspaper for places you might go, to help you save money. The Monday newspaper shouldn?t have been canceled. JODIE MACTAGONE, student, Auburn