Region needs that Walmart

Reader Input
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Being a native daughter of Grass Valley and having lived in Auburn I believe having the Walmart in Auburn will be a great economic boost for both Nevada and Placer counties. Let’s face it: both counties have been living in yesterday forever. Growth has happened in spite of the county officials in both counties to the detriment of the residents of both counties. How many residents have had to make the commute to Roseville and Sacramento to buy goods they need there and taking much needed revenues out of both counties. Having the Walmart in Auburn will be a boost to both counties as much of the revenues spent in Placer County will have a trickle(-down) effect for Nevada County from the residents that will now have jobs in Auburn but will spend most of their checks in Nevada County. These two counties have had the idea that they can stay as tourist towns of yesterday if no real change takes place but with out many millions of dollars semi-annually spent on heavy advertisements to attract tourism that won’t and hasn’t happened ever with a scale to help either community. When the people have had enough of the no-growth many politicians will soon be looking for new employment. Just a thought from a former resident and frequent visitor to both counties. Debbie Valenta, Ravendale