Regional water treatment plan is best

Reader Input
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It’s apparent some of our Placer County supervisors and staff, instead of demonstrating leadership thinking for the long-term future, are stuck in a rut of short-term thinking and local preferences (“Supes delay sewer decision,” Journal, Dec. 7). It appears time and cost estimates were manipulated so the conclusion has to be a local alternative. Thank you, Bob Snyder, for your experience and observations for how this process has been “handled,” (Another View, Journal, Dec. 5). Sorry Mr. (Placer County Supervisor Jim) Holmes. I am a homeowner in North Auburn (your district) and I have been disappointed on your position for a limited, short-term, local-only solution (Another View, Journal, Dec. 4.) The closer flows reach any plant’s design capacity, the greater the chance for illegal discharges. Please stop using excuses that the local plan has the estimates, bids and financing arrangements “ready-to-go” only because the same effort was not devoted to the Lincoln plan. Instead, recognize the regional plan is the best long-term and financially sound solution. Commit and focus getting the regional plan reviewed, approved and accomplished in record time. If Placer County takes the lead, I’m sure other counties and cities will join. And let’s get our Congressman (Tom) McClintock’s attention focused in the right direction (not enabling polluters): Have Congress appropriate more funding, or interest-free loans, for improved wastewater infrastructure nationwide! MARK WEXLER, Auburn