Reinforcements being brought in for Super Bowl at Auburn businesses

From parties to pizza, local owners are ready
By: Sara Seyydin Journal Staff Writer
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A West Coast team may not be in the Super Bowl this year, but local businesses are still gearing up for an influx of ravenous football fans Sunday. Some local business owners say they’ll be hosting Super Bowl bashes, while others are increasing their staff to keep up with the demand. Eric Nordby, who owns World Pub and Little Belgium Deli & Beer Bar, in Auburn, said he’ll be doing both. World Pub is hosting a party, while Little Belgium Deli will provide party trays for other people’s parties. “At (World Pub) we’ll be hosting a bigger party. Everyone is kind of let down this year it’s not the 49ers. (At Little Belgian Deli) we’ll have some kind of food and drink specials. If it had been the 49ers, we’d have gone all out. We do catering and we do the sandwich trays.” Nordby said he’ll be busy working and probably won’t have a chance to catch the match-up of East Coast teams, the New England Patriots and New York Giants. “It’s almost like everyone hates the Patriots and the Giants because they are there so much,” Nordby said. At Round Table Pizza, of off Elm Avenue, in Auburn, extra reinforcements are being brought in to bake up some classic Super Bowl faire. “I’ve got a delivery driver all day. I have a banquet room and full dining room in the restaurant,” said James Gates, manager of Round Table Pizza. “I’ve got extra people on staff.” Gates said while Round Table is not running any specials, they do make family size pizza. He said most orders can be called in just 15 to 20 minutes ahead of time. For those early birds, he said people can order ahead of time. “We call it a deferred order,” Gates said. “It can be one pizza, or 20 pizzas.” At Pistol Pete’s Brew and Cue, in Auburn, the game will be broadcasted over eight TVs. He agreed with Nordby that it would have been a bigger celebration if local teams were playing. “It would have been a much bigger party if the 49ers would have made it,” said Pete Aroz Jr., who manages Pistol Pete’s. Aroz said in past years the sports bar has hosted potlucks, but now have an adjoining restaurant. He said he’ll be rooting for the New England Patriots, but only because they are the better of two evils. “It’s the question of which I hate the least,” Aroz said. “I think Tom Brady is a better quarterback than Eli Manning. And every time I bet on the Giants this year they lost me money.” On Wednesday afternoon, he said the crowd at Pistol Pete’s had mixed reactions about who would win. “The general consensus is the Giants. One Yankee, one Madonna and 72 percent Giants, because I say Patriots,” Aroz said. Reach Sara Seyydin at