Religions show the right way

Reader Input
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I agree with Gary L. Vogt, that one shouldn’t use hate to push their agenda (Reader Input, Dec. 14), and I hope the Journal will censor hateful diatribes from their site. But, I don’t agree that religion has nothing to do with right or wrong, evil or morality. That is what most religions try to teach: to behave and act morally, do what’s right and try not to do evil. So, religion does have something to do with it, but the real problem lies with people. Many, while professing to be of a certain religion, act morally reprehensible and cannot (or don’t wish to) tell the difference between right and wrong. So, it’s not the religion that is wrong — it’s what people do (or not) in the name of it. Right now, in another part of the world, there are people killing other people in the name of their religion. I’ve heard two sides of that situation. One says that religion does not preach hate and killing and the other side says it does. If it does, then that religion is responsible along with those who do the killing. All other religions that I’m aware of teach love and tolerance and try to instill good morals. Christian or not, if everyone lived according to the Ten Commandments (no matter where they came from), wouldn’t this world be a better place to live? Marcia Winborne, Lake of the Pines