Renovations harm newts

Reader Input
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The Sierra newt is a newt known to be found in this area and is very unique to the Sierra Nevada, although they are not on the endangered species list. In my short lifetime, I have seen their local population number dropping dramatically. In 2006, I remember counting over 100 newts in the stream by my house. Last year, we could only find around 30. In Vintage Oaks, PCWA workers have been paving sections of the stream that runs through Vintage Oaks’ private park as part of PCWA’s canal system. I fear these renovations are killing a large number of newts. Since the stream is paved, there is no large debris for the salamander’s eggs to be attached to, only large sticks that end up flowing with the current of the stream and ending at water treatment plants where they die. Also, because of the paving, the newt hatchlings can no longer bury themselves in the mud since there is none, and that takes away their refuge and causes them to become too cold and die. Though the gunite-paved streams are needed in some areas, I think that not all parts of the canals should be paved, only the sections in dire need of repair. This would help environmentally and would also keep safe the species that is unique to the Sierra-Nevada. SHELBY GRADEN, student, Auburn