Reopen Walmart project impact report

Reader Input
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If Walmart comes to Auburn, there could be many harmful effects even before the front doors open. Just constructing the building can release and throw toxins into the air and canal water nearby. To try to halt this kind of damage, I participated in the Aug. 18, 2012, informational march at the corner of Highway 49 and Luther Road because I care about Auburn now and in the future. I don’t want dioxins and furans, among other pollutants, poisoning the air and water here. I don’t want the extra traffic on already crowded 49, plus the extra emissions. I don’t want little local stores killed by Walmart. I urge concerned residents to write to supervisors asking them to vote to reopen the Environmental Impact Report on the Bohemia/Walmart project, to fully address all the damages bringing a Walmart to our town could do. June Gillam, Auburn