Replace rage with the act of thinking

Reader Input
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It is important that differing ideas be expressed in a free society, and that there is tolerance.
The hostility that was expressed toward Terry Davis, for his expressed support of a particular presidential candidate is an expression of intolerance (“‘Political rage’ hits home in Auburn,” Journal, Oct. 3).
The expression of racial hatred toward African-Americans, such as our president, or other racial groups is also intolerance, but beyond that it judges people based on the color of their skin.
While more acceptance of racial groups has increasingly occurred as evidenced by the democratic election of a black president, and other elected officials, like Kevin Johnson, mayor of Sacramento; still racism exists in our community. As Terry Davis’ friend reminds us, we need issues of racism to be brought into the open.
After all, the characteristics of intolerance and racism, generally occur in dictatorial, non-democratic countries, and when employed aggressively are designed to frighten people into submission.
Personally I like the bumper sticker which says, “THINK — it’s patriotic.”
WES HOWELL, Meadow Vista