Republicans took the bait

Reader Input
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The GOP’s four goals for the price of one: destroying Obama, Social Security, Medicare and increasing tax breaks for the wealthy! The GOP is hoping that you have forgotten about the Bush years, where the warnings and the oversight of Wall Street derivatives were ignored by government, and the warnings and oversight of unethical and illegal, but condoned conduct by the banking industry that created the housing bubble was also ignored. In 2005 corporations, having stashed huge profits in foreign countries and tax havens, offered Bush a real deal. We’ll bring our money back and invest it here, creating millions of jobs if you give us a sweetheart tax rate on our profits of only about 5 percent instead of the usual 35 percent rate. Bush and the Republicans immediately took the bait. And, sure enough, $312 billion came hone, but instead of investing it in job creation, top executives and big shareholders simply put it in their pockets. Many of these companies actually fired thousands of workers, closed plants and sent more of their production abroad. These same corporate hogs are returning to the trough to feed again as the GOP pushes to not only save present tax cuts, but to further reduce taxes on corporations and the wealthy, once again! Now they want you to believe it was Obama’s fault. Nearly every economist from both sides of the political aisle agreed that Obama had to spend money to prevent America from going into a depression. So when Obama passed his stimulus bill, the GOP took a pledge to do everything they could to destroy the economic recovery of America and ensure Obama and the Democrats were made as the scapegoats so the GOP would gain more senators and representatives in the coming election. A day doesn’t go by that members of the GOP aren’t calling his stimulus plan a failure, but regardless, America didn’t go into a depression, and there has been net job growth every month. GEORGE LOVEDAY, Grass Valley