Rescue county Peer Court

Reader Input
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It was encouraging to read that the Placer County Peer Court program received a $7,500 donation from Loomis. This was a noble gesture of Loomis to take the lead to contribute to Peer Court in order to help keep this worthy and invaluable program alive. I would hope that the other communities that benefit from this program such as Auburn, Roseville, Rocklin, Colfax and Lincoln will follow Loomis’ lead and contribute to this program, as well. If each of these communities donates $10,000 for a total of $50,000, that would be a huge help to keep this program afloat. Then, in addition, if the board members of Peer Court organized a couple of fundraisers, say, two charity golf tournaments a year potentially raising $25,000 per tournament, Peer Court would have an additional $100,000 to add to Loomis’ $7,500 contribution. From what I have read, this program pays for itself in savings to taxpayers in the grand scheme, and this program has proven itself to work and work in a big way, which benefits us and them! Teresa Kenworthy, Auburn