Rescued cat tale warms hearts

Reader Input
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This letter is in regard to the heartwarming letter from Chris Conklin of Foresthill (Reader Input, Sept. 26) concerning the rescue of the Siamese kitten at the AM-PM gas station. Please give Rango a kiss for me and I can visualize him in his cozy bed and new home and (I’m) so happy Chris rescued him. I have rescued animals all my life, starting as a kid. When we moved to Cool in 1987 I found a job near the disposal plant on Shale Ridge Road. Cruel people dumped their unwanted cats and kittens at the plant. It was heartbreaking to see so many homeless, hungry cats with no place to go but under a bush. I can’t count the kitties I rescued. Thank goodness my husband loved animals as I do. I agree with Chris. There should be a special place in hell for people who abuse animals. And thank you for telling us of Christian’s homecoming with his black Lab. I’ll bet there were tears of joy all around. Thanks, Chris, for your letter that I can’t read without tears. RUTH LaGRANGE, Cool