A response to pit bull letters

Reader Input
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I find it amusing that I have started a “pissing contest.” Everyone has an opinion and that is all it is, simply an opinion. I would appreciate the opportunity to address some of the comments regarding misquoting my letter and attacking my character. In response to Tim Wilson (reader input Oct. 18). It is a fact that any dog does not like eye contact with a stranger. I do have a problem with the word “vicious.” Four “vicious” dogs would not walk toward their victim, they would charge. To Matt Sanchez (Oct. 20): Right on! Now I don’t know what to say to Albert Burn, (Oct. 20) Guess what Albert, I also grew up here, but I’m a lot older than you. Why should we ban pit bulls? Why not ban rednecks with no tolerance? What everyone should be doing is looking at the entire picture. I grew up learning respect and responsibility. Today nobody wants to take responsibility. As for Barbara Winnie (Oct. 21), I’m terribly sorry for your injuries. This “horses ass” would like to meet with you and bring one of my large dogs. I think after spending a short time with a nice sweet dog, you may feel different, and possibly get over your fear of dogs. PAT BRANDORST, Weimar