Rise up and replace them

Reader Input
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Last week I found myself over in front of the county supervisors pleading for a continuation of the free space that has been granted to “Friends of Placer County,” to house older abandoned cats to save the county the cost of euthanizing or killing them. I found myself in the plush venue of the supes with state-of-the-art screens and PowerPoint presentation equipment, cushy seats to keep their oversized backsides warm and state-of-the-art architecture to hold their meetings. We, the citizenry, who were duped into paying for these palatial venues, beg for space in old pre-war army barracks to house cat cages and kitty litter boxes for these creatures. We find ourselves groveling in front of these pompous, market value officials and indulge the smirks on their faces. We can’t get a barracks for community projects, but they have two state-of-the-art venues for themselves. C’mon, get out and see what they provide for themselves while denying the citizen volunteers a place to provide services to our community. Think about change, people. Some must go so our community can grow. Rise up, get angry, replace the curmudgeons now! Larry Rea, Auburn